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Boston, MA

Central Wharf Plaza

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Central Wharf Plaza

  • Carbone fabricated and installed the catenary light poles in T316 stainless-steel, which is the base for all the park’s over-head cable lighting as well as the support structure for a steel, Tnemec coated over-head trellis system featuring South American mahogany slats in varying patterns.
  • Fabricated and installed a custom vertical vine trellis approximately 26 foot in length that follows the slope of the landscape. Carbone utilized a unique wire mesh infill in T316 stainless-steel to allow the vines to grow freely.
  • Custom fabricated nine T316 stainless-steel bench assemblies with South American Mahogany finishes, as well as a custom electrical enclosure cabinet system.
  • Fabricated multiple granite block bench toppers using T316 stainless-steel and South American Mahogany.


Central Wharf Plaza, located in Boston’s historic waterfront district, reconnects pedestrian activity from downtown to the harbor and provides a covered spot for residents and tourists to relax and linger under 25 mixed-species oaks. This design elevates a classic urban landscape — a continuously paved plaza shaded by a dense grove of mature trees – with the development of a simple but innovative structure. The project also provides numerous environmental benefits, including reducing the average ground-level temperature, limiting runoff, sequestering carbon, and promoting tree growth in the area.

Key Collaborators: Reed Hilderbrand Landscape Architecture

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